Choosing a putter

Choosing a putter

Jason-Boydwith our head professional Jason Boyd

As we approach the new season, I would like to take the chance to talk about the club that gives us the most sleepless nights … the putter.

On average, we use this club over 33 times in a round and there is lots to consider when we are practising or indeed choosing a new one.

We are all obsessed with head shape and style and this is of course important.

We have to like what we are looking at, and as you are aware there are many different styles.

However there is more to putting than looks alone.

Grip size, length and alignment aids are vital to choosing a putter you are comfortable with.

Mirror image

When practising, or choosing a new putter, it is important to use a putting mirror to work on your set-up.

This simple tool will help you identify your eye-line at address.

I will explain why this is important.

If your eye-line is inside the centre line, you will benefit from using a putter that has toe-hang.

This helps with face rotation and importantly helps you to square the putter face at impact (balanced on your index finger the toe of putter will be be slightly pointing downward).

If your eye-line is level, or indeed over the centre-line, then you will benefit from a face-balanced putter (balancing the putter on your index finger the face will point to the sky).

This is important if there is much less rotation in your stroke, more straight-back straight-through.

Style and stroke

The styles take into account the path your putter moves on as this has an effect on the amount of face rotation in your stroke.

This is crucial to keeping the face square at impact and holing more of those crucial putts.

So as we move towards the season ahead, it is time to be prepared, have a good look at what putter suits your style and stroke.

Are you using the right club for you?

Remember the old adage “putt for dough”.

Please pop in to see me if you have any questions or would like any help.


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