Course Closure Policy

This notice is to confirm to Season Ticket Holders the process regarding course closure due to weather conditions and the impact on tee times. A decision to close the courses will be made by the Green Staff or the Pro Shop. Decisions will be made as early in the day as practical and will be notified to members using Sweetspot and our social media platforms. Course closures or delays may be necessary at certain times due to the state of the courses, prevailing weather conditions or other special circumstances. This action is taken either to prevent damage to the courses or to ensure the safety of golfers and others on the courses. The priority will always be to keep the courses open where possible.

The courses may be closed for the following reasons: (a) Flooding or Waterlogging of the courses, in particular the greens, during or following heavy periods of precipitation which may make the courses unplayable and to allow golfers onto the courses in such conditions may cause damage to the playing surfaces. (b)Fog/Haar When fog or Haar reduces visibility to less than 200 yards closure of the courses will be necessary in the interests of the safety of players. Note: If the top of the hill can be seen from the 1st tee play may be considered safe. Visibility can, however, vary considerably on different parts of the courses. A full course inspection may be necessary in some circumstances to confirm the need to close or re-open the courses.

Please Note: If play is suspended tee times during said period of closure will be lost and play will resume from the next tee time when the course re-open