Course news – 10 Dec, 2020

Course news – 10 Dec, 2020


The frosty mornings are back.

Over the last week we have had a couple of days of frost in the morning so we thought we would give a quick reminder of the frost policy.

Winter Greens will be used when the weather conditions are as follows:

  • White frost, hard frost
  • Frost beneath the playing surface but soft on top
  • Frozen standing water
  • Snow

If completely covered in snow, the courses will both be closed.


We would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to the seniors from the Royal Montrose Mercantile for giving up their time to Montrose Golf Links.

For most of the summer, they’ve been out repairing divots, picking up litter and generally looking after the course. Here they all are, enjoying the fresh air (minus David May who was the other side of the camera).

We very much appreciate the help – thank you.


The white markers will be removed from the course tomorrow (Dec 11) as there are no white competitions in the near future, ahead of reverting to the winter course at the start of next month.

We suggest you play off the yellow and red tees, which are in play until the end of March.

Course work

Bunker construction continues and the team has completed the bunkers at the 14th. They will now be working their way through the bunkers at the 4th.

Aeration work also continues on the courses this month.

In this video you can clearly see the 10mm solid tines travelling into the soil to a depth of 15cm.

And is you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes to keep the course in condition, we’ve an interview with mechanic Sean Walker, pictured here with some of the maintenance equipment.

Meet the team

In this section we will give members the chance to meet the greenkeeping staff that work on the links.

Here we introduce you to Daniel Paton.

Daniel is 16 years old and it is his third week at Montrose Golf Links.

He is working with us as part of the Employability Fund Programme, helping out the greenkeeping team, and he will be with us for 12 weeks in total.

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