Course news – 12 Nov, 2020

Course news – 12 Nov, 2020

Something in the air…

We have started aeration work on both the 1562 and Broomfield courses.

This will be done every month over the winter period, and is essential to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition.

It’s primarily performed to control organic matter – so, decaying roots and grass stems – to relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage.

If organic matter becomes too thick, it acts like a sponge and holds water at the surface after rain or irrigation.

Golf course aeration

Aeration is essential to keep playing surfaces healthy and in good condition

Excessive organic matter also inhibits root growth, reduces oxygen levels in the soil, encourages disease and eventually can lead to turf failure.

Furthermore, excessive organic matter creates soft surfaces prone to ball marks, foot printing and inconsistent playing conditions.

Aeration and topdressing are the most effective ways to control organic matter and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces.

Benefits of aeration:

  • Compaction relief and improve surface performance
  • Better penetration of water and air
  • Fertiliser/nutrients delivered into the rootzone
  • Improve soil structure
  • Improve rooting capacity
  • Longer use of the surface – increased playability all year round
  • Releases toxic gases from the soil
  • Increases shoot growth

“The work should take about a week every month,” said temporary head greenkeeper Paul Teviotdale, “and we aim to get it done on both courses towards the end of the month.

“This is however – like a lot of work in winter – entirely dependent on the weather!”

Bunker construction 

We are rebuilding seven bunkers over the winter.

These are the three at the 4th, the greenside bunker on the 5th and three at the 14th – two on the right hand side of the green, and the first one on the left of the fairway.

Work will begin this month (November) which may mean they are temporarily out of play, but this will be well-signposted.

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