Course news – 28 May 2021

Course news – 28 May 2021

What would we do without Scottish weather?

A small bit of heat followed by biblical amounts of rain have combined with the nutrition applied to the soil in late April to give us very healthy grass growth.

We thank our season ticket holders for their patience over the last few weeks as green speeds have not been at their quickest.

The greenkeeping team has been trying to keep the growth under control by spraying growth regulator on the putting surfaces. This should also help improve the root development of the grass.

We have been spraying wetting agents on our fairways, greens and tees, making use of the rain that had fallen. Hopefully by the time you are reading this we have got on top of the growth and green speeds are back to what most golfers would like to have on the links.

Broomie burn

Finlay cutting the area at the Broomfield burn

We have recently started to clear the burn on the Broomfield and we are at least halfway down.

It’s a slow process but hopefully when it’s done next time we clean the burn, it will be a lot quicker.

With the recent wet weather, we have been diverted to cutting all the closely mown surfaces a bit more, but hopefully in the next week or two we will get back and finish this job off.

New team member

We are pleased to say the Links has now employed a new part-time summer member of staff.

We have also found a replacement for Gary Tough, who left at the start of the month, and we will introduce you after he starts in the middle of June.


It’s always good to receive a helping hand from season ticket holders keen to fix divots I  fairways and support general course maintenance.

If anyone would like to help out, get in touch with the course secretary at

Apparently, someone is keen to help the greenkeepers by moving tee markers a bit further back than required. We’d ask you to leave this particular task to the greenkeeping staff, who make sure they are aligned in the correct area.

This will save any problems and potential complaints from other golfers.

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