Course news – 4 March 2021

Course news – 4 March 2021

With all the good weather recently, the greenkeepers have been able to get on with completing some of the winter projects.


Bunker tops have started being returfed, the marram grass at the 11th tee has been transplanted and a start has finally been made to patching the rabbit holes.

The rabbit patching won’t be completed overnight, and the team will continue to patch holes when time allows during general maintenance of the course.

Verti-draining of the greens and tees has been finished and progressed on to the aprons.

This is a long process but it is well worth the effort for the health of the turf.

gorse removal 01

The gorse has been removed at the 11th tee


Over the coming weeks, we will start mowing the courses.

The greens have already had a cut last week and will receive a trim this week, if the good weather continues.

Fairways, aprons and tees will be done at least twice before the start of the season.


With the start of the season fast approaching, pitchmarks continue to be a problem on the courses.

Some of the pitchmarks that the team is repairing are only feet from the hole and it is hard to figure out how golfers are missing them.

If members want smooth greens, repairing pitchmarks will go a long way in helping us achieve this.

So please if you make a pitchmark – or happen to see one  – please repair it.

Here’s a video of our temporary head greenkeeper Paul Teviotdale explaining how.

The greenkeeping team will also be looking to divot the fairways to fill in any divots that haven’t healed over the winter.

Volunteer plea

So, if there are any volunteers that would like to help with this, do let us know.

Other tasks include painting, trimming sprinkler heads, weed paths, picking up litter and even some rabbit patching. Your help would be gratefully appreciated.

Maybe there are other tasks that you think you could do to benefit the golf course?

If you’re interested in helping out, let us know by getting in touch with secretary Claire Penman at or on 01674 672932.

The next session is on 18 March, and we look forward to welcoming some of you then.


A couple of weeks ago, a group of season ticket holders thought it would be nice to treat the green staff to afternoon tea at the greenkeeping shed for all the work that had been done over the winter.

The food was fantastic and Paul was heard to say he had definitely gained a few more pounds in weight that day.

The greenkeeping team want to thank the members for their generous thought and also The Coffee Pot for supplying the food.

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