All going well this will be the last COVID-19 maintenance update from the greens team.  We had announcement from Scottish Government on 21st May so hopefully golf will resume, fingers crossed, Friday 29th May.

We are all extremely excited by this and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our STH for their patience during this difficult period.

Usually at this time of the season our golf courses would be really busy with both STH and visitors.  Unfortunately our golf greens would also be peppered with both unrepaired and badly repaired pitch marks.

If there is any good to come out of the lockdown period is that going into June we have greens which are virtually blemish-free.

With the recent high temperatures and a little drop of the good stuff from the heavens we are in a fantastic position moving into the belated start of our golf season, and we ask for your help in keeping us in good shape.

It will take a little time to get green speed back up to where it should be, this is compounded by the fact the poa annua plant has just started to flower under the height of cut.

There is nothing you, the STH can do about green speed – that is the job of the greenkeeper.  What you can do to assist us in providing the best possible putting surfaces is fix your pitch marks in the proper and correct fashion.

We also know that some of our elderly players may have a little trouble in bending down this low – which is perfectly understandable. Therefore, if we were all to fix 2-3 pitch marks at a time this would go a long way to not only maintaining the quality of our greens but improving the quality of our greens.

Remember!! Less pitch marks = less poa annua = more fine grass = faster, truer and more consistent putting greens.

We look forward to seeing all our STH holders (and hopefully a few new ones too) on the course very soon.

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