Golfing etiquette reminders

Golfing etiquette reminders

The courses have been fairly busy recently.

There are some basic rules of golf etiquette that help everything run along smoothly. We know there will be the odd player who may be thoughtless or careless – please don’t let it be you.

Here are some reminders for our season ticket holders, and all those who want to enjoy our courses.

Repair pitchmarks

This includes any you see which may not be your own.

The average number of ball marks made on greens per round is eight per golfer. Assuming only 130 rounds are played each day on your course, your greens receive 1,040 impressions daily, 31,000 a month or more than 374,400 a year.

Are you wondering how to make a putt under these conditions?

Signs will be placed to remind golfers of their responsibilities. Our temporary head greenkeeper has some advice on how to repair pitchmarks here.

Pick up broken tees

You can place them in the broken tee caddies which are located on the tees of some of our 1562 course.

By doing this it saves our greens staff considerable time when cutting tees as tees can cause damage to the machines if they are not removed prior to cutting.

Replace your divots

This allows the turf to recover as quickly as possible and helps to restore a smooth playing surface.

An unrepaired divot can take months to heal, and it may never full recover.

Repairing divots maintains good playability for your fellow golfers and sets a positive example of caring for the course.

Keep up with the group playing in front of you

Rule 5.6b – A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace. You are encouraged to allow faster groups to play through.

Playing out of turn to help pace of play. In stroke play, play “ready golf” in a safe and reasonable way. In match play, you and your opponent may agree that one of you will play out of turn to save time.

Play your shot only when it is safe to do so

Rake bunkers

With the return of bunker rakes, players should smooth sand with these rakes prior to leaving the bunker. Preferred lies within the bunker are no longer permitted.  Please leave the rakes outside the bunker.


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