Survey reveals members’ thoughts on Montrose Golf Links

Survey reveals members’ thoughts on Montrose Golf Links

We sent out a survey to members in our 12 November enewsletter, asking their opinion on Montrose Golf Links.

Of the 135 members who completed the questionnaire, 97% judged the golf courses as being the most important thing to them.

Next most important was management of facilities at 42%, although they proved they proved a sociable bunch with 36% and 34% finding the clubhouse facilities and social experience important, respectively.

The good news is that 41% of respondents think the Montrose Golf Links is significantly or somewhat better than other local Angus courses. Fifteen percent think they are worse.

And half of respondents judge Montrose Golf links as excellent or very good value for money. Forty percent think it is about average.

We also asked if any of you would be interested in joining an advisory panel, and thanks to those of you who volunteered. If any of our other members are interested, please get in touch.

Love your Links – get involved.


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